Hello to our friends at the Natural Scoop!

Our bosses at Fairfield County Bank started the tradition of treating us to the occasional ice cream treat. We are so lucky to have an employer who appreciates us and lets us express the kid in us! We line up like we’re back in the ol’ school days.

At first, the “all natural” made some people hesitant. Does it taste different? It must taste “diet” like… Well, let me tell you, if you had a taste test, I bet you’d have a very hard time choosing.

The salted caramel is my ABSOLUTE favorite, and I LOVE the strawberry lemonade—it’s so refreshing!! The Chipwich is another excellent choice. Now I hold up the line trying to decide what flavor I’d like this time.

You don’t need an ice cream truck bell—we all scream for ice cream when we see the Natural Scoop truck coming!  

MaryBeth Prunty, Fairfield County Bank